Friday, April 27, 2018

Classroom News April 27, 2018

Dear Families,
It is  difficult to believe we are at the end of April. This year has been a whirlwind of fun and learning.  Although the end is near we still have a lot to accomplish! This first big event happens next Thursday, May 3rd. We are hosting the first ever Egyptian Festival.  I hope everyone saw the yellow paper, which came home last week.  If not, I have attached another copy and sent it to your email. This is our one and only homework assignment for the year.  Students are responsible for creating an interactive booth for the festival.  Please see the attachment for more information. If your child needs help at school for this assignment please email me as soon as possible.

In addition, we are starting the school store the second week in May. The store will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday for four consecutive weeks. If you can volunteer to help in the store, It would be very much appreciated.  Volunteer times would be 9:00-10:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please email me if you are interested in signing up.

Finally, I want to compliment your children on how amazing they have been this week.  The death of a classmate is something we hope our children and our community never need deal with. This week has honestly been an amazing outpouring of compassion and kindness even though we have been in the midst of the dark cloud of grief.  I feel blessed to teach your children. Keep each other safe and give plenty of hugs.  As always, if I can be of assistance in any way please contact me.

Have a restful weekend,

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Walk through the Forest

Room 13 first, second, and third grade students recently completed our 'Walk through the Forest' project.  In this project class our focus was learning about what lives in the Oregon Forest.  Our driving question was, "How can we as a group share information about what lives in the Oregon Forests with our community and the world?"  Here you can view photographs of the our final projects. Through art we created a forest walk in our hallway.  Additionally some students published their Oregon Tree reports on the 'Camas Kids Show What We Know' website. Enjoy our photographs.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Classroom News March 1st, 2018

Dear Families,
Welcome to March! Tomorrow is an especially fun day. Tomorrow we celebrate Read Across America. All students are welcome to dress up as a book character tomorrow.  Along with that we will be having our Seuss Extravaganza for K-3rd grade.  Students are welcome to visit classrooms for Seuss Activities.  In addition to this, 2nd graders have been working hard on their 'Silly Seuss News' website,  You can visit our website at
In other news we have moved on from Medieval Times. We are now diving into learning about Ancient Egypt. We will be exploring topics such as Mummies, Pyramids, The Nile River, Hieroglyphics, and much more.  It is certainly an exciting time to be in second grade. 
Thank you to all the families who sent in amazing 100's day collections.  Rest assured, if you were unable to come up with a collection idea for your child, we took care of them at school so EVERYONE had a hundred's collection to display. 
If you turned in your sock hop money thank you very much. If not there is still time. We are over half way to our goal. The money raised does a lot to keep art and projects alive in our building.
Thank you all for your support. Each of you are appreciated!